Diversity makes workshops work

Here’s how to make a workshop fail: invite the same old team, put them in the same old meeting room, give them the same information, and ask them to brainstorm.  Likelihood of any ground-breaking ideas emerging? Almost zero…

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Tools of the Trade (for workshops)

What’s a chef without a knife? A gardener without a spade? A painter without paints? Every professional needs the right tools to do the job, and it’s no different when it comes to workshops.  

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The Power of a Team Vision

The US team brought 9 sports psychologists to the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014.  Elite athletes are expected to be in peak physical condition, but they also substantially improve their competitive advantage with psychological training.  

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How to speak up to your boss (without losing your job)

There are lots of tools and training courses for bosses on how to manage people, but we hardly ever talk about how people can manage their bosses.  “Managing up” is being able to speak up to your boss about how they can support you more, for example to ask for help, to share your concerns about your work or team, or even to ask them to change how they work.  

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Managing the Four Generation Workplace

I started researching this article thinking I would write about the problems of intergenerational working.  Boomers complaining about millennials for not using apostrophes properly, Gen Z making fun of Millennials for their avocado toast and coffee obsessions, Gen X’s hedonism getting out of control at the Christmas party, that sort of thing. 

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Should bosses be banned from sending emails out of office hours?

Since the pandemic, we’ve developed more productive ways of working.  Bosses have realised that people can be trusted to work from home well, which means we are likely to have more choices about where and when we work in future.  However, flexibility also means blurred boundaries, and when expectations aren’t clear it can be more stressful for employees and leaders.

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How to handle a toxic team mate

In a long yacht race, a 10-person crew sail together for up to a week, 24/7. Crew members work in shifts, with an intensive three hours on deck followed by three hours of sleep, on repeat until they cross the finish line. 

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Let’s take back control of our time!

Companies have been increasing their demands for efficiency, smaller teams are doing the work that larger teams used to do, jobs have changed and we are given ever more challenging work to do in a more complicated world.

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