I’m going to tell you a story about a remarkable time in history when a group of people had an opportunity to change the world for the better, and they did it. That time is now, and those people are you. If not now, when?

Even before the pandemic, the way we have been working in the last couple of years has been far from optimal. We are all doing too much, badly, in not enough time. The quality of our experience at work has become worse and worse, and while none of us would wish a pandemic on the world, lockdown has forced every team to re-evaluate the way they work.

We know from consumer research that people don’t change their habits unless everything around them has changed, which is why they deliver fabric conditioner samples to new mums in hospital, as having a baby makes you re-evaluate all your choices, so it’s a crucial time to try new products. The unprecedented changes caused by COVID-19 mean we have the ultimate, once in a lifetime chance to re-evaluate our choices and try new ways of working.

So what can we take from this experience? I’m pretty sure that the answer is not “let’s go back and do things the way we always did”. Instead of blindly replicating the inherited behaviours of the past, let’s reboot and work better together instead!

Here are 3 ways to reboot your team:

  • Redefine your team’s purpose – by asking why our team exists, how we will make a positive contribution in each other’s lives, and how we will improve our world with our work.
  • Reset your rules of engagement – by asking how our team wants to work together better, what we want to leave in the “Before Covid” world, and what new behaviours we can commit to and support.
  • Renew your working culture – by asking what kind of an organisation we are in, what kind of business we do not want to be, and how this looks and feels in our place of work.

We have both the permission and the responsibility to change how we work for the better. Let’s lead by example and rewrite the rules to create a positive culture of work that fits us and our teams. Let’s not waste this opportunity for positive change.

Pam Hamilton is the author of Supercharged Teams:  30 Tools of Great Teamwork (published in December 2020), and The Workshop Book 
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