Now is the perfect time to Supercharge Your Team – if not now, then when?

As the author of a book on teamwork, you’d think I’d love working in teams, right?  Wrong!  The reason I wrote Supercharged teams is because being in a team is difficult, sometimes even traumatic!  I wanted to give teams the tools to make being in a team easier, better and actually enjoyable.  Why supercharge your team?


Working in a team is harder than ever – work is faster, leaner, and busier, and we forget that that teamwork needs work.  

Work is changing, and the rules of being in a team have changed. We are time-poor, attention-starved, pressured to work faster and better, more often working remotely and in different locations. It’s easy to feel overloaded, and doing great teamwork can be the last thing on our list of priorities.

The work teams have to do is also changing – new technologies and market disruption create complex challenges that can only be solved by experts working well together, whether they are in the same office or have to work across different departments and organisations. Not only is working better together the right thing to do, but it’s the only way we will succeed on the complex issues we face today.

Post COVID-19 we have a once in a lifetime chance to reset the way we work together for the better.

The good news is that everything that stands in the way of good teamwork can be overcome with the right tools.  

Come to us for a Supercharged Team Sprint: 

  • 1 week to reset your team to Supercharged!
  • 5 days, 10 hours, tailored to your team
  • Using the 30 tools of great teamwork applied by professional teamwork expert and author Pam Hamilton
  • Use the latest approaches from high-performing teams around the world, to supercharge you and your team to perform and succeed

Supercharge your team to succeed in today’s challenging working environments with a Supercharged Sprint designed just for you.

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